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Susanne McCrea

Artist Development

 Creating a Sustainable Life in the Arts


As artists, we long for our work to be sustaining and inseparable from the other parts of our lives. It can make us miserable to work soul sucking jobs. If we resist that option, instead choosing to devote our time to creating music, art, books, or film we often struggle to bring in a poverty level income. Even if we are relatlively successful, we rarely enjoy handling “the business.”


Not dealing with the money devalues us and our art.


Not dealing with money means spending all our time in pursuit of it.


We associate selling ourselves with compromise and that blocks us from taking a non-compromise, authentic approach that will bring us together with our true audiences. resulting in the financial support we need to be free to create.



My story & how it can help you


I am a mixed media performance artist, writer, dancer and painter. I learned all about poverty as a single Mother. I decided writing was my best meal ticket option. I became a promotions/ad copywriter, while waiting to get into the newsroom. Radio was my first professional job. I loved it, except for the sponsorship conflicts. I'm a freedom fighter and I don't believe in any interference in journalism from commercial sponsors. I'm, also, vocal.


I was told I should take my principals and go work for Greenpeace. So, I did. It felt good putting my skills to use in a media savoy, principled environment. I've always been good at selling something I believe in. Along with my campaign duties, I raised $300,000 a year for Greenpeace, in individual donations, and learned a lot about money and people's attitudes toward it, including my own. I founded Boreal Action, the non-profit, environment and Indigenous support organization. I direct its campaigns and development work. I am the contract festival coordinator for the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival (WAFF), the third largest film festival, in Canada.


I haven't had a “day job”, so to speak, for 25 years and I will never go back. I've done publicity for touring arts groups, musicians and other artists, created mixed-media performance work, films and discovered my own personal financial, lifestyle, and artistic freedom. My current project is an adult fantasy fiction novel about the life of our shadows.


I have learned how to make a living doing the things I would do free and I can help you to find that freedom if you and I resonate as a team. I'd like to teach you the tools to sustain your life through art.