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Susanne McCrea


"Susanne's online series of guided moon rituals/meditations is healing and empowering. The rituals themselves are beautifully delivered---Susanne has a powerful but calming presence and her meditations are gorgeously poetic. The rituals are guiding me deeper into myself, allowing me to begin to heal emotional and physical hurts and to set positive goals. By connecting the healing to the moon I now have a natural reminder to care for myself! Like most women, I'm busy so I appreciate that the rituals are simple to follow and doable at my own pace. I'm also really blown away by how connected I feel to the other participants even though it is an online series. Susanne is intelligent, humble, and open minded as a guide--I feel safe and supported and really value that she is not forcing any agenda. I also find the cost of the ritual work very reasonable. Thank you Susanne!"


Tiffany - Kelowna



"The group online program with Susanne (Empress) has felt like sitting around a fire with fond ancestors who await my ritual, reflection and action. Susanne’s practical leadership gave warmth and ease to each step. I’m amazed this sacred ritual space could happen online and in my backyard. I’m still benefiting from the empress archetype’s presence in my life."


Alison - Boston