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Susanne McCrea



Professional Profile Susanne McCrea

I have extensive experience in non-profit work and the arts. Both of these areas require the wearing of many hats and making the most of a budget. 

I have worked in both corporate media and education. My lifetime of experience has prepared me to take on the most challenging projects.

Here's a look at the work I do. It is by no means complete, but you'll see how I can help you with your communcations, events and project management needs. 

I'm available on a consulation basis to help your permanent staff navigate these specialized areas, as well. Particularly in alternative environments.



Executive Director, Boreal Action (formerly The Boreal Forest

Network) 2002-present/see below

Non-Profit, non-governmental environment and social justice organization

with a mandate to work in solidarity with grassroots Indigenous Peoples to

support their efforts to defend their lands from further devastation by large

scale resource extraction. Pan-boreal in scope with many international

connections in environmental groups and Indigenous communities.

Campaigns include; No More Prairie Pipelines (refers to the TransCanada

proposed Energy East Pipeline, designed to export an increased flow of

oil sands bitumen across the country to the east coast), support for the

anti-logging campaign and blockade in Grassy Narrows; hydro campaigns

around  issues like the proposed BiPole 3, north/south transmission line

and new generating stations like Wuskwatim on the Nelson River & calling

on the Manitoba government to honour broken agreements, such as the

Northern Flood Agreement; and justice for Shoal Lake 40 who provide

Winnipeg with water for nearly 800,000 with no compensation and who are

on a permanent boil water advisory at home. Responsible for all

campaigns, contract staff, operations and fundraising. Communications

Director until 2009, when promoted to ED.



Artist Development/Manager 2016-2018


PJ Burton. Creative development of an original music project. Brought in

new band members, did all promotion, bookings, handled financial aspects

of the band. Supervised recording and production, liaison with producer,

music director and potential record labels.



Personal Coach & Business Mentor - Current


One on one and group coaching. Workshop host – communications and

life skills. Virtual and live. Specialize in business management coaching for

alternative workplaces.



Festival Coordinator/Communications and Events

The Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival (WAFF) 2012-2015

current year 2017/18 wrote grant applications pending for summer 2018.

Worked with the Artistic Director on all aspects of the festival from

grant writing programming, staff & volunteer recruiting and managing,

events and VIP parties, media & promotions, coordinating a free youth

education day for 300 students, to Mcing and house management at the

venue. In 2012, my film “Voices of the Land” was in the festival program.


Producer/Director highlights


Voice of the Land”. Vignettes series and full production. Aired at the

Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival 2012. A look at the way of life and

spiritual practises of Indigenous Peoples on the East Side of Lake



Conducted two exclusive interviews with David Suzuki.


Produced a background video for Neil Young's 4 city “Honour the Treaties”

tour in support of the Athabasca Dene.


In production; media spokesperson training video.



Communications Director, One River/Many Relations film 2014-2015

Packaged the film and educational guides; successfully worked on

promotion of the film to international festivals; coordinated press events;

including a major biological science report release conducted with the

Athabasca Dene on the state of contaminants in their wild foods as a

direct result of oils sands production.



Executive Director, The Boreal Forest Network 2009-2014

Communications Director 2002-2009


Pan Boreal, international environmental organization. North American

hub for the Taiga Rescue Network, a group based in Sweden with

numerous member groups around the world. The third hub was in Russia.

Similar mandate to Boreal Action, of which I was a co-founder. The Boreal

Forest Network ended when Boreal Action took over the campaign work in this region.

At the Boreal Forest Network, I was responsible for all media, much of the

campaign work, organizing several international conferences, in Canada,

Germany, Belgium, England and Russia, Fundraising and donor

development, staff and project management.



One of 3 supervisors who developed this team of interviewers specializing

in executive, medical and academic research studies throughout North


Recruited, trained, evaluated and supervised staff and managed projects;

notably two years running my team interviewed the top 300 CEOs for the

Globe and Mail's, Report on Business, magazine, reaching a record

number of cooperative participants.


Teacher, Red River College, 2005/2006

Creative Arts Department


Filled in for a senior teacher for a year teaching public speaking, proposal

writing, advertising and business writing on a 17 hour a teaching week;

typically tripled with preparation and marking hours. I did this while

launching  our “Boreal Kids” project at the Boreal Forest Network and

attended an international conference I was part of organizing in Belgium.



Manitoba Director, Greenpeace Canada 1990-1999


Responsible for all areas of regional and local development. Geographic

region spanned Saskatoon, Regina, all of Manitoba and western Ontario,

to Thunderbay. Raised $300,000 annually. Implemented all aspects of

staffing up 40 at any given time. I worked on a large range of campaigns

from forest issues, to uranium mining, opposition to the North American

Free Trade Agreement, French nuclear testing and others. Chlorine

bleaching in pulp and paper was the focus of my work on the 1992 Beluga

boat tour and actions leading up to the International Joint Commission

hearings, in Traverse City, Michigan. We, also, stopped a chlorine

bleaching mill from setting up in Manitoba.


I maintained a particularly high profile on the forest campaign, which was

highlighted through events like the North American Forest Forum, an NGO

conference we organized in Winnipeg simultaneous to the World

Commission on Forests conference, held in only 5 locations worldwide.

We hosted guest speakers; including Robert Kennedy Jr., in a packed house event.

I, also, worked on many national Greenpease conferences, at which I often conducted workshops on media spokesperson training.



KISS FM Calgary 

Copywriter for both am and fm stations. Temporary while permanent staff,

including the department head, were on vacations.



KIK FM Calgary 


Copywriter and interim Creative Director. Responsible for advertising

concept development and all station promotions. Highlight was

successfully pitching and  creating a recording time prize contest for an

original band, through a live talent show, which promoted development of

local alternative music and venues to play it in.



Freelance Writer and Publicist

Much of my adult life I've taken various contracts; including commercial and arts.

I introduced the Etienne cosmetics line, the first for men, in western

Canada. I did a campaign for Firecrest Fireplaces, in Vancouver. And I've

done advance and support for touring groups like the Peking Opera and

the National Ballet.

I've, also, produced and launched my own performance art shows; including "The River of Souls", a mixed media performance using dance, sitar/drums and spoken word to invoke the cycle of the maiden, mother and crone.


I spent a season selecting submissions for the WTN program; Shameless

Shorts. (Women's Television Network). I, also, worked on the Women in

Journalism, national conference, in Winnipeg, one year.



CJOB Winnipeg

Copywriter am/fm. On air client list of 180. Developed, wrote and often

voiced commercials for our own use and to feed to other stations.

Participated in numerous station promotions; from golfing to the Manitoba

Marathon, the Santa Claus Parade and the United Way campaigns. One of

my ad campaigns was sold nationally to Eureka vacuum cleaners. I,

returned to CJOB later for a temp period in the newsroom.


Lifetime involvement writing and support work for the family business:

The National Institute of Broadcasting, founded by my late father, veteran

broadcaster, Ed McCrea.


Creative Communications Graduate

Red River College

Journalism/Broadcast Major

Print and broadcast journalism and production, advanced photo journalism,

freelance writing, creative writing, graphic design, public relations,

advertising. Interned at CJOB News, CBC TV & WTN.



University of Winnipeg

Bachelor of Arts Program