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Susanne McCrea

The Lilith Archetype

Lilith is a Freedom Fighter

By Susanne McCrea | June 15th at 9:00am

Lilith was the first wife of Adam; the one who would obey. She, who was made of the same earth of Adam (not the rib of the first man, like Eve) refused to be subservient. And for her insistence on equality she was forced to flee the garden, pursued and demonized. She reacted by saying she was born to be a demon, anyway. How I resonate with her re-writing of her own story. I was called a witch so many times that I eventually took the name, myself, to take the sting out of it and claim my power. Demonized. Witch was a word used to kill my ancestors; the wise women and medics of that time in Europe. This is one way in which the Lilith archetype lives in me. When I dedicated myself to a craft name, nearly 30 years ago, I chose Lilith to stand for my rebellion against convention and the place of women in our culture; the subjugation of nature following directly from the disrespect and fear of a woman's life giving power. Lilith is a freedom fighter. Lilith is alive in the woman who does not like to be contained; restrained; classified and dismissed as angry, intimidating, too weird or too much. She repels weak and conventional people (except as a novelty) and attracts the rebels. She often takes on rebels without a cause, mistaking them for her real counterpart. You are resonating with Lilith if you are justifiably angry about patriarchy, misogyny, greed, the destruction of nature and inequality. The Lilith program can trigger us so much that we become angry with everything and everyone and unleash our fury all around us. We are told we are over reacting, over simplifying and we should calm down. But what we really need to do is harness and focus our anger to make real change. When we learn to do that we can find the calm in the storm within us and remember what we are working to preserve or create.
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