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Susanne McCrea

Empress Moon Tele-Rituals

Empress-esqe woman meet online, or by by phone, every new and full moon to tune into the power of releasing and sending intentions for growth and change in harmony with these natural cycles.

The format is a half hour talk on the ritual topic, followed by a ritual that includes a guided meditation on issues that help Empress's get unstuck on typical problems and move their energy to more productive place.

In this fall series, we're working on removing mental and physical blocks, focusing in on creating healthy relationships and letting go of habits that no longer serve us. The work all leads to getting on a better, more energic road to personal freedom. We are getiing focused on our real life's work by eliminating distractions and energy drains. 

The fall Empress Moon Tele-Ritual Series is now in session.

Winter Session online program, coming up in January.